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Updated as of 1/18/11

Lets bring a warm welcome to VA3JFD Joe now linking up to the SORT system Via Godrich repeater 146.910 VE3OBC.

NETS on VHF as follows: Monday 8:00 pm 147.060 VA3LON. Pro com Net VE3TTT 147.180 Thursday 8:00pm. VE3TTT net Saturdays 7:30pm 147.180. ARES net on VE3OME 145.450 every Wednesday nights 7:30 PM. If VE3OME is down ARES will meet on VA3LON.

Click on the flag you will be taken to my Ontario page and things to do there. Will be adding things to do see and news papers.Click the flag a second time it will take you to the city of London Ontario website.

Next club meeting February 10 2011. .

This is Wes's home page!!!

This page is dedicated to Amateur Radio, computer, aviation and a few of my favorite things..

This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher and Firefox version 3.0 Or Flock v 1.2.6, Safari,Opera and SeaMonkey Browsers. Now WAP friendly for cell phones.

VE3BQQ tech net Fridays @ 8PM.

The Very Best Amateur radio program on the net.


Gold Radio For Your Listening Pleasure.


ZL1VK club WEBSITE take a visit.

My favorite restaurant Waldos restaurant.

This is Andrew Kilpatrick's website VE3KOB.

Radio Amateur Kids Aviation Motor Racing


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